Packing of Tirunelveli Halwa

Once we have received your online order, we weigh the halwa for packing. We use Eco-polythene food cover which is been approved by Food Health Department to pack the halwa.

An Eco-polythene food cover resist against pure floppy ghee and keep the halwa unmarred. Further more, the Halwa pack would be kept into a square shaped box to preserve halwa from squeezing and damage.

Furthest, Tirunelveli halwa would be ready for shipping after accomplishing all quality and safety factors.

Ways to Scoop Tirunelveli Halwa

Just scoop our authentic tirunelveli halwa and realise the calibre of Halwa World. The moment you scoop it in, tirunelveli halwa would melt on your tongue.

People says some proverbs like, "Food from small house will be more tastier than anything". Yes of course, this is depicted in below lines!

People who do not have refrigerator in their home can also buy Tirunelveli halwa online and have it with abundant happiness. Because you do not want to freeze this food. Just heat it before you serve. Unfurl happiness in your family by ordering Tirunelveli halwa online from 'Halwa world'.

Secure Packing                     

Halwa World is just directly connecting you with Tirunelveli. Celebrate your occasions with Halwa world.